Road Warriors

"Road Warriors" is going to be a collection of reports from the pro ranks of some of our local riders running for the big show. Most of these will be coming from Kentuckiana's own Michael Akaydin, hope you all enjoy. Hi everyone! Three rounds in after the Easter...

Interview: Ella Wolfe #311

Ella Wolfe
Hometown: Vine Groove, Kentucky
Goals: Beating boys and going fast!We finally tracked down Ella Wolfe in Atlanta, Georgia. This girl is on the move and as you will be able to tell there is little that will stop her from achieving her goals. Good Luck boys!

New Website!

Hey gang, we are gearing up for am awesome season and cant wait to see all of you guys at the track.  In order to make it such a great season, we are updating our website.  Please be patient while all the updates take place and please let us know if there is anything...