This is something new we will be doing on regular basis and it will be more than interviews. There will be race reports and probably some story telling from Terry Green since he has nothing else to do. Hope you all enjoy.

P.S. Stephen might be from Salem, IN but we had to track him down in Southern California.
Stephen Vuckson
Hometown: Salem Indiana
Goals: race professional Motocross and Supercross for a living Etc.
KMX: What have you been up to the last few years?

Stephen: I started working with Bryan Mcdonald in 2015 as my riding coach and have been working towards going pro.In 2016 I moved to the A class halfway through the season. This past year I started racing the AX lights class hoping to earn my SX license but my season ended early with an injury. I was back racing in August and earned some pro am points towards my MX license.

KMX: How is your 2018 season so far?

Stephen: It’s been a bit rocky, I had a bad crash the first day i got to California and sustained a concussion and also had some swelling on my lower back so I took a few weeks off but I’m back to the normal routine of riding during the week now!

KMX: How are the tracks out west? What’s the dirt like?

Stephen: Their fun but hard packed. We’ve been riding supercross at lake Elsinore and milestone.


KMX: Do you plan to ride any of the Lucas oil outdoor MX races?

Stephen: Yeah, my plan is to finish getting my pro-am points as soon as AX ends. I’ll be racing at redbud, buds creek, iron man and possibly some Canadian rounds.

KMX: In your pursuit of becoming Pro what’s the hardest part to overcome?

Stephen: So far mainly injuries, for the last two years now I feel like I’ve constantly been playing catch up and haven’t gotten a full season in.

KMX: Is training with Bryan giving you the confidence and attention to detail that you need?

Stephen: For sure he’s always pushing me to go outside of my comfort zone to accomplish new things. We also do a lot of practice footage so it’s really nice to be able to see what I’m doing compared to the other guys.

KMX: Back in the early days of the Kentuckiana MX Championship Series I always thought you were a part of a special group of kids in the junior and senior mini classes, did or has that helped in what you were trying to achieve today?

Stephen: Yeah definitely. It always motivated me to get better and we had some awesome battles. The kids I grew up racing still motivate me like when you see them doing good at big races it makes you wanna do the same.

KMX: What advice would you give a 10-year-old kid in the Kentuckiana MX Championship Series today?

Stephen: Keep it fun and try and learn everything you can from good or bad experiences and from kids faster than you. Weather it be bike set up or riding technique.

KMX: Thanks for taking time and doing this, Good Luck this year we will be pulling for you.

Stephen: No problem, thank you!